Join us on a life-changing pilgrimage in Spain.

Explore Spain in a unique way by following ancient trails through some of the most arrestingly beautiful landscapes the country has to offer. Fully immerse yourself in the pilgrim experience to (re)connect to your self & nature.

But don’t fret, a pilgrimage doesn’t have to mean roughing it! We don’t “rough it”. On this trip, you’ll stay in fabulous accommodations, handpicked to give your camino a touch of luxury. Enjoy fantastic local food and wine at every stage of your journey, in a range of carefully selected, authentic restaurants along the route.

Experience Santiago. The journey begins in Salamanca, a charming town north of Madrid. The apex of your journey will be the final 108 km as we walk into Santiago de Compostela: the end of the camino.

2022 is a Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago. This means there will be more piligrims than normal and the Holy Door to the Cathedral will be open! AND LOTS MORE DEMAND. We expect this trip to fill up fast!

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    • explore the beauty of Spain as you (re)connect to self & nature
    • this landscape of soaring skies and sweeping landscapes will provide you with the solitude & tranquility essential to any pilgrim experience
    • start each morning’s walking with an intention led by Candy and Laura
    • finish each day with some yoga (aka stretching) & integration time
    • relax & rest your head in comfortable, cozy accommodations
    • fun experiences led by Laura & Candy​
    • our camino will be led by tour guide extraordinaire Manni Coe of Toma & Coe​​
    • check out our video all about the Camino & meet Manni

explore. laugh. change your life.

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