Feeling stuck? Like you just can’t get the proper perspective on a situation, relationship or your life in general?

Ace of Hearts


We will help you overcome challenges you might have around your relationships, career/business goals, energy management, intuitive abilities, overall wellbeing and more in this interactive session.

Each session is 50 minutes and is a coaching-style session. Not sure who to book with? Just trust your inner guru. $135

Ace of Hearts


Send us your most pressing questions and we will connect to your Higher Self to get you the answers or confirmation you are seeking. We believe that part of you actually knows the answers. But maybe that wisdom is just buried so deep, you can’t access it.

Click the button below to purchase the session. You’ll receive a link in your receipt to submit your questions. An audio recording will be emailed within 7 days after receipt of the form. $65


I had such great insights into the current challenge I’m facing and Candy reflected back to me what I needed to hear. I gained very helpful tips and exercises to continue practicing and working through on my own. I came away with more clarity on next steps to take. – Laura 

I’m still processing and transforming from all that was explored during my call. I greatly appreciate Laura’s heartfelt and intuitive and empowering support & all her trainings and life experience that she obviously drew from to determine how best to support me.  – Miriam

I have gained the self confidence that my intuition is always right and I have the ability to follow through perfectly. I also gained the experience of expressing my truth in a safe way and what it looks and feels like to be truly heard. I gained a new level of self forgiveness (which is a huge theme in my life) and even though I’m pretty good at noticing triggers and working though them I needed someone like Candy to hold a very high frequency space to guide me through the big hurdles. I also gained a completely new perspective on an event that I didn’t necessarily deem traumatic but as soon as Candy and I started discussing it a huge wave of emotion overcame me and I cleared this hidden source of sadness, shame, and guilt that I didn’t know was there. It was so powerful. I gained an immense amount of clarity and a new perspective with a lot of closure. -Allison

I loved my first session with Laura! I felt so much lighter and more in-tune with myself afterwards. I also loved getting her insight into my card as well. The session helped me feel more hopeful about my future and more confident about listening to my intuition. The insights I uncovered with Laura are helping me be more fierce in standing up for what I want in my life. I’m seeing the parallels between experiences in my childhood and my adult emotional responses. I’m learning to be more compassionate with myself. Thank you, Laura! – Jane

I gained healing and clarity in areas that had been blocked for a long time. And a plan to move forward where I had felt stuck for years! Having some tangible things to do (for someone who’s a big picture person) has already started to help me move forward. Candy was warm and compassionate. I felt very comfortable with her and her empathy was so very much appreciated! – Jennifer

The results of my session have been incredible. I’m working at a job that is providing more income than I’ve ever earned before and all symptoms relating to my illness vanished. – Brian