oh hey…

ever wonder?

why your relationship isn’t working

why everyone else seems to have it all together, but you don’t

why your biz is not blowing up the way you know it should

why you can’t lose the weight

why you haven’t found your special someone

let’s be real for a sec.

The answers to all those ‘why’ questions have one thing in common…

it’s you, guru.

MYTH: Your life is a random series of events, chaos and whatever the fuck.

In reality… your outside world is just showing you what’s going on inside of you.

In order to create the world you want, you’ve gotta show up, take responsibility and look at what’s really going on inside.

PLUS, we’re going to let you in on a little secret…

your soul has a plan.

And that plan is laid out in the cards you were dealt.

Yep, that’s right. Your soul chose your path by choosing your birthday.

Your card can tell you all about your gifts, relationships, purpose, opportunities for growth and more.


Are you brave enough to play the cards you were dealt, or will you keep letting the cards play you?

Game on, guru.


Look up your birthday to get your card.


Grab your Guru Guide, which includes:

a more detailed description of cardology
a deeper exploration of your suit & number
an in-depth analysis of your card
why you are here + real talk just for your card
the planetary energies affecting your card
questions to explore
strategies to make the most out of being your card
power words, obstacles to overcome & decrees
your other most important card
a link to download your FREE RELATIONSHIP PLAYBOOK

hi there, guru!

Candy & Laura here. We are intuitive coaches who help people like you unleash their inner guru so you can awaken your gifts to master your life.

We just want to say hi, but we do NOT want to distract you from getting your GURU GUIDE. We think it will be soooo helpful for you.

We’d love to stay in touch so feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.